audiovision to business to customer


From the drawing board to the stage, a2b2c is taking care of all departments to present your message in the best way possible. Top notch video, audio, and event technology is there, to give your audience an unparalleled viewing experience that reaches far beyond the screen. 



The a2b2c content creation team is there to provide you with visuals optimized for your messaging, screening purpose, venue, screen type, and all the surrounding show elements. 


If corporate event, conference or festival, a2b2c brings visual content to the big screen – in 2D and 3D.


a2b2c is constantly working on TV and film sets to provide imaging solutions and real time VFX.


Whenever. Wherever. 

a2b2c is reaching worldwide audiences by capturing and streaming content to any screen.


No matter if standalone video production or live show choreography, a2b2c makes sure that your audience gets your message. 


a2b2c creates live and pre-recorded A/V productions of any size for any screen.


Operating on the cutting edge of A/V technology, a2b2c is constantly pushing the envelope by developing new ways to create stunning visuals.


a2b2c enhances the blockbuster experience of big-screen-stereoscopy with scientific accuracy.

projection mapping

Laser sharp images live projected on 3D elements such as high rise buildings or moving cars through live tracking technology developed by a2b2c.

virtual production

Working on the forefront of the latest trend in modern movie production, a2b2c is developing new solutions in the field of virtual production.


about us

a2b2c is an ever growing team of experts in motion imaging. We are operating out of our own 1.600 sqm studio space and research lab located in the heart of Nürnberg, Germany. Here, a2b2c develops productions and new technologies for renown brands, creators, and event makers from all over Europe since 1998.

behind the scenes

a2b2c AV Live Communication GmbH

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